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4 things you DON'T want to DIY for your wedding

I love my brides, and I love when they add their own creative details to their day to make it their own. I am totally supportive of a couple who are trying to stick to a budget, although with the ever growing obsession with Pinterest, some brides think they can tackle everything. Take it from me, choose DIY projects that you can do months ahead in your down time such as decorative signs, centerpiece decor, and your wedding favors. The next 4 details...please, for your own sanity, and the enjoyment of your guests...leave them to the professionals.


You may think that Aunt Jane's offer to cook all the food sounds like an awesome way to save some money, when what you've just invested in, is a recipe for disaster. Preparing, transporting, and setting up food for 100-200 guests is a daunting task. I have watched the flow of a wedding go completely south by unorganization in the kitchen. There are so many additional things involved with catering beyond just the food that you don't think of. Insufficient knowledge of hosting large crowds can lead to hungry guests, empty drinks, and a damper on the mood of your day that you can't get back. If you're trying to keep stress to a minimum, leave the

food to the professionals, and let Aunt Jane be your aunt!


Everyone and their brother has a "nice" camera, but there are so many qualities that set a professional apart from your friend that volunteered to photograph your wedding. Your professional photographer will give you their undivided attention capturing you and your wedding day. They won't miss any of your important moments because they're chatting with family, getting a drink, or sidetracked with some other matter. Your photos are the only lasting memory you will have, and if they don't turn out the way you want them, you WILL be dissapointed. Your friend will not know how to work with tricky lighting, how to position you to have you look your best, or keep your family focused to get through your formal pictures. These are images that you'll treasure for years to come- hire a professional to ensure that they're perfect.


Hiring a coordinator for your wedding can mean the difference between a warm, inviting, well thought out day and one that feels disorganized and somewhat sloppy. Sure you have tons of friends who are ready to help, you're organized, and you have every detail planned out. What you haven't counted on is the ton of extra stress this will put on you as a bride. A professional will dedicated themselves to making sure your plans are executed, as well as form back up plans when something goes wrong (and something ALWAYS goes wrong).They will create detailed timelines for the wedding day, ensure that every vendor knows whats going on, and ensure that you and your fiancé have everything you need. Having a planner gives you peace of mind that is worth so much more than the fee it costs to retain her, and allows you to enjoy your day to the fullest.


A DJ or band adds more to your wedding than just some great tunes. They add energy and are in tune with the mood of your party. They will announce your first dance and other important events of the evening so that your guests are all aware of whats going on and don't miss anything. They are truly the LIFE of the party and will ensure that your guests have fun, and keep your reception going strong! They will add an element of certainty that you just can't get from an i-pod or a playlist.

These are my top 4 items to NOT try to tackle on your own. Wedding professionals are in business to lessen the stress of days as important as your wedding. Let them do all of the hard work, and you can relax and enjoy the biggest day of your life!

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